“Finally! A book about Evolution… that takes the stance of challenging us to examine our current values and compare those with societies that have either thrived or died in the past. Swallow or gulp before finishing this book because it is bound to change minds in a natural way for those strong enough to admit Koratsky is right!”
—Grady Harp, Top Ten Amazon Reviewer

Human Social Policy Failures Abound!
Western Civilization In Decline!
History Repeating Once Again! Why?

The Refusal to Accept the Fact of a Transcendent Evolutionary Reality for Humankind.

Learn why:

  • The pursuit of self-interest is not only critical to survival for all living species, it is the foundation for all functional moral and cooperative dynamics.
  • Competition within a society is just as critical to its prosperity and survival as cooperation.
  • Too much compassion can easily be more of a problem than too little within society.
  • Societal prosperity cannot be both maximized and equalized within.
  • Social safety nets can be evolutionarily sound but permanent redistributive subsidies cannot.
  • Human “values” are only valuable to the extent they promote societal survival.
  • The functional and creative powers of the scientific method, the free marketplace, and natural selection derive from the same dynamics.

Over the last 150 years countless books have been written on how the origin of species on earth can be explained using the theory of evolution. Yet, as explained for the first time in the groundbreaking book Living With Evolution or Dying Without It: A Guide to Understanding Humanity’s Past, Present, and Future, evolution by way of natural selection is not merely a matter of origins. And it is not “just a theory.” It is nothing short of what has defined and continues to define everything in our universe, including humankind.

Built From the Bottom Up

The basis for this radical claim is not merely the ever-increasing body of evidence that confirms the evolutionary history of the earth and its species. It is the fact that the underlying mechanism that has given rise to this body of evidence assured this general outcome from the outset—as, once spawned, the existence of fundamental particles of mass and force would inevitably give rise to new levels of organization with increasing complexity within the expanding universe, especially once destructive forces arose to accelerate creative forces. Along the way, the physical realm would inevitably give rise to the chemical realm, and the chemical realm would inevitably give rise to the biological realm, with the latter containing immense potential for equally inevitable hierarchical development—including the rise of ever-advancing intelligence and consciousness for earthly species.

Rules Without Exceptions

Throughout this progression we find that certain principles and trends have defined the rules for sustaining an existence—rules which have also developed hierarchically, especially within the biological realm. And most importantly, despite widespread perceptions to the contrary, these are rules that no species, including the human species, can rise above, even if humankind has increasingly acquired the ability to overcome or mitigate the effects of certain threats via its higher intelligence and technological aptitude.

The Ultimate of Consequences

Hence, evolution theory presents not just practical implications, but practical implications that are also universal. And those who embrace and apply the principles of this all-encompassing theory to the greatest degree possible in their policy-making will—whether at the level of the individual, the family, the nation, or the human species at large—maximize their chances of securing a long-term existence. While those who reject evolution theory will decrease their chances of securing a long-term existence to the degree that they do so, regardless of the beliefs, feelings, and/or desires that serve as inspiration. So, in the end, there will be those who “live with evolution” and those who “die without it”—all largely based on their understanding of humanity’s evolutionary past, present, and future.






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“Koratsky is to evolution what Webster’s is to words. He is the definitive name in describing the human condition.”

—Jess Todtfeld, Former FOX-TV Producer, President, Success In Media, Inc.

“From the Big Bang to Gang Bangers in LA, K.D... An enlightening, if sometimes unsettling, read. You’ll find yourself scratching your head and saying, ‘Oh yeah, now I get it.’”
—Mike Ball, Author of ‘What I’ve Learned So Far’ and Winner of the 2003 Erma Bombeck Award



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