The War On Christmas In America: Part III of V

Reality By Preference

So, even more ironically, while the Christians on the Right are regularly criticized by secularists on the Left for living in an absurd, make-believe, anti-scientific/anti-evolutionary world created by God, the secularists live in a far more absurd, make-believe, anti-scientific/anti-evolutionary world where the world can be whatever humankind wants it to be. That is, secular humanists typically adhere to a postmodernist view that humans either are or will become so intelligent and technologically adept that they need not feel restricted by the laws of mathematics, physics, economics, biology, etc., which have dictated evolutionary history on earth for the last 4 billion years. This leaves humans free to make their own rules as necessary to design a world that is appealing.

Hence, while all beliefs tend to lead to actions that produce consequences in the real world to the degree that they comport with or defy natural/evolutionary laws, a secular humanistic belief that pursues equal outcome within and between nations is destined to produce consequences that are particularly profound. For evolution by way of natural selection, which stems from natural laws en masse, has specifically favored inequality in any number of ways. In fact, natural selection has not merely created the bell-curve pattern that universally defines variation in the material world; it has systematically increased this variation, i.e., stretched bell curves, within the biological realm.

Consequences Imposed

That is, inequality within and among species is not merely an undesirable byproduct of processes from a bygone era; it has been, continues to be, and forever will be central to all selection processes in which advancement occurs by virtue of better being favored over worse in the realms of functionality and adaptivity which have dictated the success or failure of all species—not just on earth, but throughout the universe. This alone explains why the use of governmental force must be used to the degree that redistribution and/or equalization takes place within society, and why the degree to which such redistribution and/or equalization takes place has dictated the speed in which redistributive states have failed in competition with other states.

In contrast, and again with great irony, the values U.S. Christians hold tend to be largely compatible with evolutionary principles—in conjunction with the vision of America’s Founding Fathers that derives from 18th century European Enlightenment principles. Indeed, the free marketplace and the standard of merit that the Founders promoted effectively replicate the raw dynamics of natural selection. This explains why states that have embraced free-market capitalistic principles and the standard of merit have maintained superior economic and military performance to the degree they have embraced such principles.

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