Money Can’t Buy Happiness? On the Contrary!: Part II of VI

A Universal Evolutionary Currency

From the evolutionary perspective, this predominant human interest in money acquisition is not just a choice; it is an absolute necessity. Indeed, it is the ultimate fitness enhancer, as it can help assure all the requirements for sustaining a modern human existence are met.

In terms of evolutionary basics, money can provide protection against all manner of threat. First, it allows for both water and food supplies of the highest quality to be continued without interruption.

Second, money allows for the construction of a strong abode in a strategic location that can defend against direct physical threats, such as severe temperature, winds, flooding, and even volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. And with travel being so critical to modern success, money also provides the means to travel in the safest way possible, whether by ground, air, or water.

Third, money provides the means to protect against microbial threats of all kinds, whether by keeping one isolated from such threats or by have the best possible access to preventive measures and cures. Of course, the access to the best possible medical care that money provides also minimizes the risk of dying from injuries.

Fourth, money allows for the defense against predatory threats of all kinds, both with regard to other species and, especially, the human species. That is, both enemies and criminals can be best dealt by having the best security and weaponry that money can buy.

Yet most important in all of this is that, while the threats discussed above may happen as one-off events and/or in isolation; it is more common for such threats to become manifest simultaneously, as one type leads to another in a predictable sequence. As the most common and encompassing scenario, history is replete with examples of major physical disasters–from ice ages to asteroid impacts–leading to widespread food shortage, malnutrition, combat, disease, and infection.


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