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Evolution by way of natural selection is not merely a matter of origins, and it is not “just a theory”; it is what has defined and continues to define everything in our universe as two fundamental dynamics interact:

  1. The creative force of hierarchical material self-organization by which the physical realm has given rise to the chemical realm, the chemical realm has given rise to the biological realm, etc.
  2. The destructive forces produced by this material self-organization terminate some structures and their attributes but not others based on their varied abilities to sustain themselves—all of which in turn dictates the direction and magnitude of developmental trends.

Thus, just as physical and chemical structures cannot exist below the realm of natural selection, humans cannot exist above the realm of natural selection, as none can be exempted from all threats to existence. Indeed, as evidenced in any atlas of human world history, the threats presented by physical cataclysms, rivals, microbes, and/or food shortages remain great for humankind, despite widespread perceptions to the contrary.

Prescriptions & Predictions

The good news is this comprehensive understanding of natural selection provides both a wake-up call and the means to predict generally what policies and actions will be favored by natural selection forever, and even ultimately. That is, using timeless and universal evolutionary benchmarks humans can convert reliable theory into optimally designed policies that will maximize human survivability at any given time and over time with minimal trial and error.

Less upbeat is that we can also predict who is most or least likely to experience the coming age of neo-Darwinian enlightenment, as those groups that most embrace evolutionary principles for policy design will maximize their chances for survival, while those that most defy them will almost certainly perish over the next century or two. But more upbeat, once again, at least all will have the power to choose their fates to a significant degree. And the more that choose to embrace evolutionary principles the better, for this will maximize the human technological advancement that will allow minimal human culling to take place through the ongoing cycles of good times and bad that will continue to befall earthly species at large.

Find out more on who will be favored in these pursuits and who will not, as well as what the optimized society of the future will look like, in the epic new release Living With Evolution or Dying Without It: A Guide to Understanding Humanity’s Past, Present, and Future.

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